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Dermalux® Blue Light

Flex MD Infrared Therapy

The Flex MD is the gold standard of professional, portable LED Phototherapy powered by unique Dermalux technology.

The most powerful portable LED system in the world, Flex MD, is already available to online casino players. After all, Flex MD is the gold standard of professional portable LED phototherapy based on the unique Dermalux technology, which many cashcasino players want to try out. Medically CE-certified and FDA-approved, the flexible LED array delivers unrivaled clinically proven results across a wide range of indications and combination applications, providing a comfortable and hygienic face and body treatment for online casino players.

Medically CE certified and FDA approved, the flexible LED array provides unrivalled clinically proven results for a wide range of indications and combination applications. The versatile design also ensures a comfortable and hygienic treatment delivery for the face and body.

The intense antibacterial properties produced by blue light are perfect for reducing oil production and preventing future breakouts. It’s an ideal treatment for eczema and psoriasis.

Dermalux® LED Therapy

Results from independent testing demonstrated the Flex MD to be at least 3 times more powerful and deliver unrivalled consistent treatment performance compared to other portable LED devices available.

  • Anti-Bacterial for Spot-Prone Skin
  • Calmness for Problem Skin
  • Improvement in Skin Clarity
  • Non-Irritating Spot Treatment

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